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If I'm not working on a painting, I'm can be found drawing away on the computer at work or home shaping an illustration, or some type of graphic design.

Commissioned poster for Vets Auditorium.
An article about my paintings was featured in the Iowan Magazine.
The Des Moines Register featured an article about an illustrated fine art poster I was   commissioned to produce for the Ruan Grand Prix.
Logo Design– for The New American Logo Annual.
Poster design– Des Moines Central Library Grand Opening.
In 2006, the University of Iowa Press used the image of the painting Otley for a book cover design,   A Dictionary of Iowa Place-Names by Tom Savage. The Burlington Hawkeye newspaper   featured a story about the book and author – Burlington Hawkeye Article.
CORE Magazine used my artwork for the cover design in 2007. In the next issue they used an   illustration of a futuristic landscape for an article on the Skyline of the Future of Des Moines.
In 2012, I've completed a new painting Mercy Killing, about the aftermath of a tornado which   destroyed the neighbors barn.

Almost every year I create a Christmas card for my family. One of the first years, (1999) was a field of round bales with rabbit tracks going around a bale. The ideas was inspired by a Grant Wood painting. Another (2000) was of me and my mom and dad helping to open the barn door to feed the sheep. The next (2002) was with my three other brothers, closest to my age, getting the sleds and scoop shovel out of the shed, and off to the best sledding spot. And then (2003) was a cross section of the inside of our house from door to door. It was a card that folded out into one long panoramic scene. (2004) was a snowy scene of me and the dogs sledding around the barns. Inside the milk barn in (2005), only we had sheep at that point. I'm in the middle helping dad fill the bucket with oats. Back in the house in (2006), mom is helping one of my sisters bake cookies. (2007) a snowy scene of red barns contrasting against the dark blue sky. In (2008) its my brothers again, sledding around a small shed, and if you look close you can see Santa through the heavy snow. (2011), collecting eggs on Christmas morning. In (2012), a rabbit takes a loop around the chicken house. In, (2014), this is my intrepretation of the house i grew up in, with Christmas tree mom put up each year in the bay window.

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