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Most of my paintings are of rural Iowa and the farms that I grew up around. Places I've been to enough times I can see the scene in my mind. I take a slightly elevated view of the land and can see the patterns of the fields, the straight lines of the buildings and the balanced trees that flow with, and are in tune with the lay of the land.

The regionalist painters like Grant Wood, John Stewart Curry, and Thomas Hart Benton, have had a big influence on me and the look of my paintings. Partly because they were from Kansas, Missouri or Iowa, like myself. The Grant Wood painting – American Gothic, was located about 20 miles from where I grew up. It was also that this regionalist style just seemed to fit the landscape and look of the people of the midwest. And I feel my artwork carries on what these artists started a century ago. Only today I've taken what I have learned and observed and developed my own look, feel and style.

The process begins with preparing a gessoed masonite panel, then sand it smooth. The medium I use is acrylic paints, with airbrush in the base background areas and then variuos sized brushes throughout the rest of the painting. The digital artwork I create on my computer is very similar to the look of the painting process. It's quicker in some ways and allows me to back up and make changes if I need to push into a new direction. But both have a very similar look.


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